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New WITI study finds that women in corporate America experience “The Glass Step”, an earlier barrier preventing the transition into management. 

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The Glass Ceiling Report 2.0 (GCR 2.0) re-establishes a single credible source of information, data, and best practices for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).   

Los Angeles, CA – January 25, 2023 – WITI announced the publication of The Glass Ceiling Report 2.0 (GCR 2.0), an update to the landmark report released by the Federal Glass Ceiling Commission in 1995. Designed to inform and educate organizations across all industries driven by technology, the report updates the findings from the 1995 Federal Glass Ceiling Commission. Using in-depth quantitative and qualitative research, the GCR 2.0 illustrates the slow, steady movement toward gender equality over the past 28 years. The report also identifies “The Glass Step” as an earlier barrier on the corporate ladder preventing women in individual contributor roles from stepping into managerial roles. This is a 20-year transition for women – a much longer time frame than their male counterparts.  

 The GCR 2.0 report was developed to meet organizations where they are in the DEI journey. This is done by sharing the business benefits of DEI, the updated statistics around gender representation, workplace motivators, benchmarks, and actionable recommendations.  

Key data and findings from the research include:  

● The macro and micro economic impacts of a diverse organization  

● Personal experiences collected during qualitative interviews  

● An illustration of The Glass Step  

● The estimated time to parity  

● Recommendations for advancing DEI maturity in businesses  

“Updating the report [GCR 2.0] was important not only set new benchmarks, but to help women in the tech space overcome challenges and build a successful career while offering a path forward for organizations to achieve DEI, increased innovation, and better business success. WITI thanks our partners and members who have contributed their unique insights as a part of this research process.” – Carolyn Leighton, Founder and Chief Influencer at WITI.  

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Read the report at https://glassceilinginstitute.witi.com/

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