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The technology sector is a focus of this report but is by no means separate from the challenges and opportunities to support reformations in societal advancement. The Glass Ceiling Institute research, powered by WITI’s 160,000+ membership and working groups, aims to help the tech sector realize a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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Glass Ceiling Report 2.0

This study is an essential update to the landmark Glass Ceiling report that exposed inherent gender and racial bias in US businesses. When the Presidential Glass Ceiling Commission published its report in 1995, the groundbreaking findings revealed the economic consequences of workplace inequities, prescribed necessary steps for organizational improvements, and ultimately led to changes in US policy and practice.

The Glass Ceiling 2.0 report builds on the contributions of the previous research to re-establish a single credible source of information, data, and best practices for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the technology sector. The report enables individuals, corporate executives, and policy experts to establish defined benchmarks for diversity, equity, and inclusion in technology.

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