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WITI Announces Launch of Glass Ceiling Report 2.0 to Push for Greater Equity in Tech

Women Working

Today, Women in Technology International (WITI) announced the launch of their Glass Ceiling Report 2.0 initiative. This report will update and expand upon the work of the 1995 Federal Glass Ceiling Commission to uncover the institutional biases and systemic barriers that inhibit women and underrepresented minorities from advancing in their organization into positions of seniority.

The report will specifically focus on the economic consequences of workplace inequities in the technology sector, prescribe important steps for organizational improvements and ultimately support changes to US policy and practice with benchmarks, standards, and certifications.

WITI participated with the 1995 Federal Glass Ceiling Commission and after 25 years remains committed to equity and social justice with its 150,000+ members worldwide. “While many workplace advances have been made in the last 25 years, businesses still find themselves struggling with crises of inequity, racial injustice and discrimination” said Michelle Bailey, CEO of WITI. “The time is now to bring industry and policy leaders together again to implement systems of accountability for economic sustainability and workplace safeguards.”

The Glass Ceiling Report 2.0 initiative aligns with new Executive Orders from the Biden Administration which detail broader reforms to advancing racial equity and support underserved communities and diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the Federal Government.

“Part of our challenge is we keep looking at this as individual effort only, but it’s institutions that have to change their culture, policies, and practices for sustainable transformation” said Rene Redwood, former Federal Glass Ceiling Commission Director.

Today, along with announcing the Glass Ceiling Report 2.0 initiative, WITI launched their Glass Ceiling Institute website and podcast, Unravel. The website features research, insights, advice, and stories from our communities as they unfold. The podcast will feature industry experts with their visions on how today’s culture and society impact the workplace.